Our Environment


At Cedar Eaters of Texas we strive to be good stewards of the land.

Cedar Eaters of Texas takes pride in protecting our environment so that future generations can enjoy it as much as we have.  We hear so many stories from old timers and others about the good old days when their properties were not encroached with Cedar and Mesquite.  In the 1800’s much of Texas was natural grassland mixed with a variety of native hardwoods like Oak, Pecan, and Maple.  Over the centuries, grazing practices and the use of harmful agricultural techniques have allowed hearty native vegetations like Mesquite and Cedar to overtake our land.  When combined with our climate these native vegetations were allowed to thrive and they quickly invaded our natural grasslands consuming an abundance of water along the way.

Over time our societies changed and our populations grew and the once vastly expansive grassland was broken up into individual tracts.  Essentially our rangelands were gobbled up and each individual property owner was now responsible for maintaining their land instead of Mother Nature or the Native Americans.  As the pace of life changed and the agricultural society that once lived off the land declined, many families left their land behind to pursue a better way of life in metropolitan areas.  As time passed these individual tracts of land were poorly maintained or cultivated thus allowing the infestation of brush and other unwanted vegetation to thrive.

If we turn our attention to today many of the families that have either bought land, owned land, or have inherited land find themselves in the position of trying to restore their land to its original condition.  For many this can be a daunting task and depending on the size of their property they may not know where to begin.  This is why we urge you to contact us so that a member of our Cedar Eater sales team can meet with you and explain how we can help.

It is defined in our mission to provide a quality clearing service that respects the natural balance of the land.

We understand the importance of our eco-system and how it plays a role in our lives and that of our future generations.  Our team will work hand in hand with each individual land owner to design a clearing plan that coincides with their vision and budget. Contact Cedar Eaters TODAY!