In 2006, 10 acres of land was cleared using a Cedar Eater forestry mulcher.  During that same year 15 acres across the street was cleared using a dozer.  Both areas were similar in density.  In 2013 nearly 7 years later, I went back to both of these properties to see how they were recovering.  The photos below clearly indicate the dramatic difference in re-growth as a result of using both clearing methods.

The LEFT side of the road was mulched and the RIGHT side of the road was dozed.

Re-growth was considerably reduced with the Cedar Eater timber mulcher due to its low impact on the soil.  All of our Cedar Eater mulching machines are outfitted with rubber tires. We do this to keep ground and soil disturbance down to a minimum.  Over the years we have found that excessive soil disturbance plays a large role in the re-growth of cedar.  We have also noticed that the beneficial layer of mulch left on the ground provides a protective layer that doesn’t allow seeds deposited by birds to hit the exposed dirt and germinate.  The layer of mulch also prevents the berries that may be on the trees at the time of clearing from germinating as they are typically buried under the mulch where they are broken down by the extreme moisture that is held by the mulch.

This photo was taken in 2013 of an area that was mulched with a Cedar Eater in 2006.
This photo was taken in 2013 of an area that was dozed in 2006.

Track mounted machines like Dozers, Front End Loaders, and even Skid Steers with tracks create a large amount of soil disturbance when clearing land.  History has shown that these track mounted machines actually aerate the ground and scatter the cedar berries allowing them to germinate in the exposed soil.  This combination of exposed soil and aerated ground proves to be a great breeding ground for new re-growth.  Whether it be from berries that fell during the time of clearing or from bird droppings.


The Cedar Eater leaves behind mulch that will decay creating a healthy layer of topsoil that promotes native grass growth and prevents an abundance of re-growth.
Dozing and Tree Shearing can strip your land of beneficial nutrients, cause massive amounts of erosion, and creates an abundance of re-growth.
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