Our Machines & Services

Cedar Eaters of Texas has a multitude of equipment and personnel that are capable of meeting any of your cedar clearing requirements. On this page, we invite you to review our machines and learn about the different types of services that we offer.

Brush Clearing Services

There is nothing more frustrating to a client than when a machine spends half of its time being worked on instead of worked in. We know this is important so we are always proactive in maintaining our machines before and after each day of work. All of our machines are relatively new as we rotate the old ones out every 3 to 4 years in order cut down on the amount of breakdowns as a machine starts to age.

Land Clearing Machines

Our employees are some of the best in the industry. Many of them have several years of experience on our equipment and have been with the company for numerous years. This statement holds true to not only our operators but also our hand crew. There is a mutual respect for what each member of our team does and this plays a vital role in delivering a top quality service with a great customer experience

At Cedar Eaters we take pride in keeping our equipment in PRIME condition.


Our Cedar Eater™ Fleet:


220 HP Mulching Machine Fecon Cutting Head

Barko 930

300 HP Mulching Machine Fecon Cutting Head


300 HP Mulching Machine Fecon Cutting Head

Each of our “Cedar Eater™” mulching machines are equipped with hydraulically powered Fecon cutting heads. The durability of these cutting heads is unmatched by the competition. If there is a failure the simplicity of repair usually results in very little down time. In an industry where pace is everything, this makes it the best wood shredder known to do environmentally friendly land clearing.
The cutting heads are 8 feet wide and they rotate at 1800 RPM shredding any material into a variety of textures, from coarse to fine, interlocking as it falls. Once the mulching process is complete you are left with a layer of beneficial mulch that can be driven on by trucks and various other pieces of equipment. The mulch that is left behind will hold the soil in place during heavy rains which decreases the amount of soil erosion and promotes healthy native grass growth even during extensive droughts. To learn more about the benefits of mulch visit our MULCH page.

Our Mesquite Grubber Fleet:

With the Mesquite Grubber we can help turn a mesquite wasteland into productive grassland by grubbing your unwanted vegetation out by the root. We can do this with two types of equipment.

We have a large excavator with a specially patented grubbing attachment and retractable thumb for those with a large mesquite problem. If you have a small mesquite problem we can attack it with a skid loader with patent pending ROOT-N-ALL™ grubbing attachment. Both methods are minimally invasive and are quickly becoming the ideal way to get rid of your unwanted perennial vegetation.

Kubota SVL 90

Mesquite Grubber Patent Pending ROOT-N-All Grubbing Attachment

Komatsu PC 200

Mesquite Grubber Patented Grubbing Attachment


Our Skid Steer Fleet:

Cedar Eaters of Texas employs two skid steers with shears and grapples to assist our mulching machines and hand crew on larger projects. We typically use them when the ground becomes too rocky for our mulching machines or when we are working in dense oak motts. These machines play a vital role in speeding up the land clearing process and they help to achieve an overall finished look.

Cat 262C

75 HP Skid Steer Grapple Attachment

Bobcat S650

75 HP Skid Steer Shearing Attachment

Please Note: In some cases we will deploy these machines to perform shearing and grappling services only.

Hand Crew Cutting & Chipping:

The Cedar Eater hand guys are the true work horses of the business. When they aren’t working alongside one of our mulching machines they can often be found on one of our smaller chipper jobs. They can perform a variety of activities from cutting understory to promote a healthy bird habitat to hand grubbing cactus to regain old pasture land. Best of all, our hand crew guys are all company employees, so you can feel confident that every aspect of the job performed is from a member of the Cedar Eater team. If you have any questions about our brush clearing services, please call us today!